Stacy Rodgers is without a doubt the BEST I have ever come across

Stacy Rodgers is the absolute BEST in her industry. All of the attributes a Seller looks for in a Realtor, Stacy possesses. To be fair the rating scale should probably be re-base lined, because I would have to rate her a 15, it wouldn’t be fair to give her a 10 because that would align her to other great realtors and she well, she’s just in a league all by herself! I was introduced to Stacy from a co worker who said she had an amazing realtor who sold her home – so I took a chance and called.

I’ve purchased and sold more than 12 homes in the 30+ years of moving around the country and Stacy Rodgers is without a doubt the BEST I have ever come across! In fact, I would venture to say she she would lead the top 1% of all realtors in her industry.

If you are looking for a realtor who is an excellent negotiator, knows the market and laws, responsive, well connected and works with a number of brokers, can recommends companies for inspections (we had a septic, well & pool) all great contractors and can close a deal, I would have to say that you are looking for a Realtor called Stacy Rodgers!

Thank you Stacy for all that you did in helping us find the home of our dreams – thank you for the guidance and commitment to this purchase. Your are BEST in your industry! All the best to you!

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